Abstract.  We investigate a high-sensitivity sucrose sensor based on a standard erbium-doped fiber ring laser incorporating a coreless fiber (CF). A single-mode-coreless-single mode (SCS) structure with a very low insertion loss has been constructed. The SCS fiber structure performed dual function as an intracavity fiber filter and/or a sensing element. The gain medium (erbium-doped fiber) is pumped by a 975-nm wavelength fiber coupled diode laser. Laser emission around 1537 nm with 2  dBm peak output power is obtained when a CF in SCS structure has a diameter of 125  μm. The 3-dB line-width of the laser is <0.14  nm, which is beneficial to high precision sensing. The sucrose concentration varied from 0% to 60%, and the relationship between the lasing wavelength and the sucrose concentration exhibited linear behavior (R2=0.996), with sensitivity of 0.16 nm/% was obtained. To improve the measurement sensitivity, the CF is etched by hydrofluoric acid. The splice joint of etched CF with SMF is a taper, which improves its sensitivity to sucrose changes. An average sensitivity of 0.57 nm/% and a high signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB make the proposed sensor suitable for potential applications.